At present, the centre will start its activities from the apartments of Kalyan Tower. We are in immediate need of financial contributions from all of our well-wishers to purchase a suitable plot of land in the vicinity of Vastrapur and consequently to develop the Ashrama there.

Estimated Expenditure:- ( In Rs.)

1. Cost of land in and around Ahmedabad -10.00 Crore
2. Cost of construction of classrooms, hostel building, meditation hall, library building, dispensary building, monk’s quarters, staff quarters, etc.- 8.00 Crore
3. Permanent fund for maintenance of mobile value education van (Vivek Rath) for conducting audio-visual and value education programs in the villages.- 0.50 crores
4. Permanent fund to meet the cost of maintenance of the mobile medical unit, cost of fuel, medicines etc.- 1.50 crores
5. Permanent fund for conducting value education programs ( in the campus as well as outside the campus) towards the cost of reading material, cost of fuel, cost of books for libraries of educational institutions etc.- 1.00 crores
6. Permanent fund for meeting the cost of helping poor students.-1.00 crores
7. Permanent fund for the Public library to meet the cost of books, furniture, overhead expenses etc.- 0.50 crores
8. Permanent fund for carrying out welfare activities.- 0.50 crores

Total = Rs. 23. 00 crores

Donations (Rs.10,000 and above) for creating an endowment in order to perpetuate the memory of a near and dear one towards the permanent fund of any of the previously mentioned items are earnestly solicited. We earnestly appeal to you to help us in our noble endeavor. Your smallest contribution will be a great help to us.
Donations may kindly be sent by Cheque / Demand Draft in favour of ‘Ramakrishna Math, Ahmedabad.’ Donations can also be deposited in our Bank Account;
the details are as follows :


G E 1 to 4



Account No: 37820676856

IFSC  : SBIN0060447

MICR : 380002137

All donations are exempt from the Income Tax Act under Section 80 (G).